Monday, February 27, 2012

Small jobs

Pulled the screws of the starboard side, the wax works a lot better than the WD40, did not break any screws today.

Todays harvest

When I was at the boat building academy they used mould release wax for the screws, after waxing and using them with  epoxy the screws where throw away since the wax did not work as well the second time. I believe this has to do with residual wax on the screws so it started to get me thinking that maybe you could "rehabilitate" the screws if you could remove the wax. So I decided to clean the screws and washers, not sure if it will help but at least it will prevent the washers from sticking together.

Scrubbing with dish washing liquid

Pour on some boiling water and scrub like a maniac

Rinse with hot water

Let them dry and put them back in their cans

I also built a small jig to mark the bottom of the stringer onto the plank, this is important since the bottom of the stringer determine the lower edge of the next plank.

The pen tip is 40 mm from the step, the same as the width of the stringers.

The blue line is what it does

Wrapped up the evening with touching up my planes.

One thing I forgot to mention the last time I discussed honing is a permanent marker. This is a great tool to see that you hone properly.

The primary bevel is covered with marker

Here also the honing bevel has marker on it but you can see that the primary bevel is not really flat yet especially on the left side.

Time today: 2.5h

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