Friday, February 17, 2012

Planking template

Today I built my planking template (not sure if this is the correct word but you will understand what I mean).

But first I planed the spar pieces (boom, yard and sprit) square so that I can start shaping them while I wait for the planking glue to dry.

Despite a cracked blade the smoothing plane works quite nice.

I discovered that the boom has quite a bend in it, about 1 cm over the 2.5m length so I might have to redo this one.

Well onto my planking template. I ripped strips of cheap 6mm ply that will fit between the stringers, on this template I will mark the plank width by using fids.

These are my fids, I will show how I use them tomorrow. I made them while at the BBA

Template pieces nailed to the frames

The pieces have been joined by gussets to form a smooth curve

Unfortunately  did not have any power in either of my power drill batteries so I had to screw the gussets by hand.

From the outside, you can also see the nails into the frame

And from the inside

Just after I took that picture I realized that I put the gussets on the wrong side of the template. I will mark the shape on the outside of the template so when I put it on the plywood stock to mark of the plank shape the screws need to point upwards, well that is something I can fix tomorrow when I have power in the batteries.

Here you can see the whole plank template

Time today: 2.5h

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