Sunday, February 19, 2012

Garboard plank again

Today was very much a repeat of yesterday. Erasing yesterdays markings, nailing the template onto the boat, fid the outline of the plank and remove it from the boat.

I got a little further though.

Template back on the boat and the plank has been marked again

Template on the planking stock

Cut out the stem shape

Transferring the plank edge mark onto the planing stock

Then I hammered a nail into each of the marks and ran a batten along the nails and drew the shape of the plan.

Forward part of the garboard, looking from aft

and from the forward end

I was planning to cut the plank as well, but it got to be too late and as I want to stay friendly with my neighbors I try to avoid using power saws after around 7 o'clock.

Time today: 2h

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