Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marking the plank shape

Time to mark the shape of the garboard plank onto my template/pattern. You put the pointed end of the fid where the edge of the plank should be and draw around it.

The fid is aligned with where the bottom edge of the plank meets the bottom plank.

Then you get a bunch of marks like these

I also marked the scarf joints on the template

When you remove the template and place it on you planking stock all you need to do is to place the fid according to the marking and mark of where the point of the fid is on the planking stock.

I also marked the shape of the stem on the template

So all done. I removed the template from the boat and then I remembered that I had forgotten to move the gussets to the right side...... (the mistake I made yesterday)

The template is removed from the boat, note the curve this is why you need to build the template of several shorter pieces

So I removed the gussets and fit them on the other side, but as I did this on the work bench rather than on the boat I am not 100% sure it follows the exact same curve any more, so tomorrow I will have to re-hang it and redo the fidding!

Template on top of the planking stock with the gussets on the right side, waiting to be fitted on to the boat again tomorrow

Time today: 1.5h

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