Saturday, February 25, 2012

Back to glue

Glued up the port garboard today. Started by cutting the butt blocks and making sure everything woud fit properly, yes, this means I put all the pieces back on the boat again.... While doing that I noticed my screws might need to be a bit longer, after hanging the plank on the boat maybe at least 6 times there was very little wood left for the screws to grab onto. So I had to make an unscheduled visit to the hardware store to get more screws.

While there I also bough some car wax, I figure I would try to use wax on the screws instead of WD40 to see if this works better (to make sure the screws are not stuck in the glue).

Screws, washers and wax ready for action

Garboard in place!

Butt joint from the outside 
I just noticed from the picture I put it on the wrong way, the masking tape should face towards the glue not the other way, well I guess I have to chisel that one away tomorrow :o(  (I really need to fire my foreman, he is an idiot!)

And from the inside

Another one

View of the boat from the floor

Finally I prepared the other side for glueing tomorrow.

It is nice to have the strong back on castors so you can move it around a little.

Time today: 4h (Total time: 145 h)

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