Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pimpin the plane!

Before we get on the to the plane there is something else, I made a slight mistake yesterday. Anyone notice? I will show you the picture again...

What is wrong with this?

Yes, there is a big gap that capture the shavings but what else...?

Well, I put the blade in the wrong way!!!!!! Bevel up will naturally cause a big gap between the blade and the cap.

Anyhow after the epoxying the pieces they should fit very nice together and make it even better, especially if I put the blade the right way with the bevel down.

The picture is crap but the surfaces is actually flat and very smooth, just a little filing along the edges and it should be good to go.

Fixed up the rough patches and re-drilled the holes for the cap screw in roughly the same position as yesterday. There was a remarkable change in performance,still far away from a good spokeshave. But very good considering it only cost me about 4 Euros. 

It is far from perfect but a lot better than when I started

So, on to the Pimpin...... This is what my smoothing plane used to look like.

Plastic handles that started to crack......

.... now there is wood that is smooth to the touch!

Old and new

As usual there was a bit of fiddling to fit the new handles as they where slightly bigger than the old plastic once, especially the "back end one". But with some carving, sanding and brute force I got them in place!

Spent another hour or so to rough plane the aft part of the port side. I really enjoy hand planing, if it where not for the un-confortable arm position I feel like I could do this all day long. No pictures, they would look very similar to the once yesterday just from the aft end.

Time today: 3h

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