Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Finalising the garboards

The first job of the day was to slightly modify the guide I built yesterday. I added another hole at 20 mm from the heel, that way I can mark both 20 and 40 mm from the stringer top.

The new guide

Now I can firstly mark the line of the bottom of the stringer on the garboard, this will also be the bottom of the second plank.

40 mm from the top of the stringer

Secondly I can mark the middle of the next stringer (20 mm from the top) and this will be the top of the second plank.

20 mm fron the top and 40 mm from the top

Then I needed to plane the top of the garboard to match the angle to the next stringer but I had to be careful not to plane below the blue line. This is when my other guide becomes handy.

Guide and smoothing plane in action

Today I rough planed the plank with the smoothing plane and before I am ready to make the next plank I will also go over the plank landing with the block plane for fine tuning. I also need to cut the gains at the stem.

Quite happy with the result of the planing

I am aware that this is not the way you are supposed to do it according to the drawings but this is what happens when you build ahead of studying the drawings in detail. And I am sure the boat will be as good anyhow.

Finally I cut/planed the excess planking at the stem and transom, but unfortunately I did not get any good pictures, so I will show this another day.

Time today: 3h

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