Friday, February 24, 2012

Getting the pieces ready

Finalising the last bit of the garboard and getting all the pieces ready for glueing tomorrow.

Cutting out the aft end

All the pieces in place

Initially my intention was to scarf the pieces on the workbench and then fit the whole plank onto the boat, however a few days ago I started thinking if this was the right way. Fitting the whole plank might be a bit of a struggle when working alone. In addition I was getting a little nervous about doing the scarfing on the bench since a small misalignment in the scarfing might screw up the whole plank. So I decided to find out what others had done on their Welsford builds, and one of the best ways of doing this is to post a question on the JWbuilders yahoo group.
The answers I got back showed me that there are as many ways of doing it as there is builders, this got me thinking perhaps I should try some different ways, after all I am trying to learn stuff here, right!

So I have decided to butt join the garboard plank, the rest of the planks will be scarfed, some directly on the boat and some on the workbench. Then hopefully I will have learned which was is the easiest.

Before removing the planks from the boat I mades sure to mark all the frames, stringers and scarfs (butts actually) on the planks.

Here you can see the markings after removing the forward section of the plank, before the butt was cut

Here the mid section, the markings will help me put the plank in the right position and also show me where to put the glue.

Time today: 1h

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