Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Always remember to mark...

Lesson number one of boat building:
"Always remember to mark everything and then mark some more"

I forgot this one...stupid... even tough I fidded the plank and marked the scarfs, I forgot to mark the frames! This makes it a little difficult to know exactly where to hang the plank... I did not want to re-fit the template again and remark, so I will just see how it goes (at least the transom position is properly marked).

Started the day by cutting out the forward end of the garboard, the one I marked yesterday.

I cut both planks at the same time to get the same shape

First dry fit

Some planing, again as a pair to keep both garboards identical

The first one in place (there will be more clamps and screws when I glue it). 

It took me three fittings to get a good shape but as you can see it is not a perfect fit, it is slightly too high in the along the forward part of the first stringer, not a problem since this will be planed anyhow. Also a little high in the forward end along the bottom. I "mis-fidded" the curve here, but not worse than it can be fixed with some filler etc. In addition the garboard and bottom will be glassed. (Maybe I will plane the stringers a little more to get a closer fit)

Both forward parts dry fitted, will leave them on the boat over night hopefully they will adjust a little to the curve.

As you may have noticed the pictures today are somewhat better than previous. That has to do with the fact that I have a new camera (well a phone actually) so hopefully for the rest of the build we will be able to see what is in the pictures.

Time today: 2h

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