Friday, January 27, 2012


Winter is here for real, it is -10C outside so the garage is a little cooler than before. I have cranked up the heat so I am able to keep it at between 15 and 18 C, not too bad I am still in my t-shirt.

Cleaned up the scarf joint from yesterday and I am really pleased how it turned out, will leave it at least until tomorrow before bending it onto the boat.

Looking good, not sure if I could do any better

Did a few smaller jobs a spare gauge, a small jigg for planing the stringers, planing the sprit square and cut some excess wood.

I wanted to try having a support for when I will be planing the stringers that could be attached to both the smoothing plane and the block plane

Here is the beginning, I will cut it square between the screws and attach it to the planes with a small C-clamp (pictures tomorrow)

Making a spare gauge for the yard, boom and sprit. I put the measurements on it to illustrate how it is made.

Nails at the outer marks and drilled holes at the inner marks for pencil leads

And this is how you use it to mark the four sided piece of wood into an eight sided. The holes for the leads are a little too big so I will have to fix this before doing it for real.

Planing the sprit I glued up a few days ago

Trimming the King plank

After planing

Trimming the stem that was slotted into #1

I also spent some time today just standing and watching the boat that is growing in my garage, it is quite an amazing feeling and a very beautiful shape..........

Time today: 1.5h

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