Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Almost another milestone

The centerboard case is glued up, time to fit it to the boat. After the dry fit I found I had to adjust the case logs somewhat, ref my stupidity the other day. This time I did not chicken with the plane but went straight for the saw.

I actually cut of a little to much but not more than I can hide with epoxy

When I had a reasonable fit I screwed supports to the case, these will be screwed to the bottom plank so that I can make sure it is 90 degrees to the bottom.

Support brackets fitted and I am ready to slap on the glue!

Just before I started to mix glue I thought perhaps it could be a good idea to consult the building description before proceeding. There I could read that it is a good idea to fit the frames forward and aft of the case at the same time as they support each other. Ok, back with the case on board, go get frames #3 and #5. Hmmmmmmm.... seems I forgot something....
The case log extends to the end of the casing however frame #5 will support the extreme end of the case so I need to cut the case log back about 25mm. Also in the forward end I need to make a small adjustment to the case. In this end I remembered to keep the case log short, but as the case is positioned a few mm further out than it was intended on the drawings (or my lowest stringer is positioned slightly further in on the bottom plank) I cannot fit the frames perfectly aligned on the center line. I will have to make a small adjustment to the case or the case cut-out in the bottom.
I am just too tired right now to be able to figure out which is the best way to proceed. No big problem but I want to be clear in the head so I do not make more mistakes.

 Besides I need to get up at 3 o'clock tomorrow morning to catch a plane, will be back soon!

Time today: 1.5h

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