Saturday, January 21, 2012

Beach walkabout

Excellent weather this morning, blue skies and just above freezing, so I decided to go walk about the beach for a while.

Left to right, pier, restaurant and our famous Orlowo cliff

Our local fishing fleet, these are active vessels and they bring in fresh fish every morning

After about two hours the clouds started to gather so I headed back to the garage.

The first job of the day was to glue in the stringers, did not take any pictures since they would look identical to what you have already seen.
Then I tackled my botched center board job. I sawed the gap a little wider so that I could pour slightly thickened epoxy into the gap and close it. First I tried with a syringe but it would not suck up the epoxy so I had to modify a plastic cup to become a funnel (again no pictures sorry, when I am dealing with the epoxy usually both my hands are occupied).

Glue has been poured in the gap and it is all clamped up

After the center board job I continued to add the seat stringers. First I had to rip some 20x20 on my new table saw, worked like a charm even tough some roller supports would not hurt.

I had to modify frame #2 slightly to get good support for the stinger, not sure if it is my mistake or if the drawings should be updated. Anyhow it is a minor thing.

I cut a notch in the stiffening timber, again a good chisel helps,....

... so that I get a good support for the stringer.

Starboard midship stringer in place...

...and port

All seat stringers in place view from aft....

... and a view looking aft.

Time today: 3h

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