Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rinse and repeat, or ....

I thought today would be just a repeat of the previous days, glue in a stringer and fit the next.

Overview, better stitched this time

However I did not know what was in store for me. I picked the longest stinger I had, as always, they get shorter as we go further down so use the long once first. Fitted it to the transom and moved forward, then I came to the stem and found it was like four centimeters too short!

Why is this happening to me......

Ok, so all there is to do is to scarf this stringer and another one for the other side.

1:6 scarf

Glueing one at the work bench...

.... and one on the boat

All sorts of things happen all the time, luckily my building approach is "just do it", not a lot of planning involved. So while these interruptions are not welcome do not bother me much.

Time today: 2h

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