Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back pain!

It is not even boat related but rather caused by snow. I was shoveling snow the other day to clear my parking space, it was not very much snow nor very heavy but I needed to throw the snow over the hedge into the yard (I suspect the neighbours would not like it if I just shoved it out into the road). Apparently my back muscles are not used to this kind of movement and they definitively did not approve of the exercise. So this morning I woke up stiff and in pain, so no heavy lifting or bending in the garage today.
Luckily my plans was only to install the transom today.

The transom needs a little thinking since it shall be mounted at 15 degrees to the vertical. So the first thing I did was to make a support with a 15 degree angle.

Drawing up the support, as you can see I had to refresh my trigonometry knowledge.

It was a bit of fiddling to get it at the correct distance from the bottom plank and at the correct angle at the same time but after a while I had it there.

Support in place

Close up

Then all that remained was to glue in the transom, well it took a while since I needed to make sure it was aligned with the centre line and also parallell to frame #6.

Transom glued in place

 The only other thing I did today was a little cleaning of the garage and to remove the bottom supports of all the previously installed frames, none of them was glued stuck :).

View of the boat from the aft watertight compartment, through the hatch.

Time today: 2h

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