Saturday, January 7, 2012

Case disaster?

Fitting the case logs today, before glueing I did a final dry fit and found that I must have had a minor brain damage yesterday. Everything looked fine yesterday and I marked the bottom of the case log on the sides of the center board case. Today when I fit them I see that the port side is about 10mm too high. I have no idea how it happened but the solution is to plane the bottom of the case log so that it will fit properly.

Planing the bottom of the case log, final planing will be done after the case is assembled

Glueing the case logs, since there is a slight bend in them I secured/forced the logs with screws

Finalised the supporting timber on the transom.

Dry fit

Glue and weights (drafting ducks actually)

I also realised today that I need another filler piece for the bench fronts. I already fitted one at the centre board opening on port side, but for some reason did not think about the fact that I needed on for the starboard as well. So it became a bit of unplanned work.

Using a batten to get the right shape of the filler piece

Cutting the filler piece

Glueing the filler piece

Also did dome assembly work on #3 & #4, no pictures.

Time today: 4h

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