Monday, January 9, 2012

Late Santa

My internet connection was down yesterday (and still bad today) so I could not post until now. I gave myself a late Christmas present, a table saw! It was on sale so I could not resist. It is a Polish brand called Dedra, but naturally made in China.

I am so fed up with building pieces I really want to build the boat, so today I focused on getting the center board case done.

Testing the fit of #4
Adding seat support and cheeks for the center board pin
Starting to glue up the whole case

I also wanted to get a view of the boat so I put all the frames up (except #4 as it will be attached to the c/b case and the transom as it was a bit to complicated to dry fit it) on the bottom.

Nice to see a boat!

Garage overview

This also made me aware of a problem, the stem is supposed to slot into frame #1, but when I put it all up it did not even reach #1. Well, well a problem for another day...

Something wrong here....

Time today (actually yesterday): 3.5h (not including the 1.5h it took me to assemble the saw!)

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