Thursday, January 19, 2012

More "steaming"

Continued with the first pair of stringers today, first the forward end.

Same setup as yesterday

Between boiling and pouring water I planed the center board plug/core, it came out a little warped after glueing.

Planing centerboard plug. Shavings make great fire starters so I gather them up for the fire place.

Another view of my work bench and the center board plug. The wood in front of the bench is stringers waiting to be installed.

To try to save some time I only "steamed" for 30 minutes today, bending was almost as easy as after 1 hour. When the front end was done I started with aft ends, again to save some time I did both in one go.

"Steaming" the aft ends

Tied the ends up with a small over bend an an experiment to see how much spring back there is.

After the stringer bending I glued one of the ply sides onto the center board plug.

You cannot really see the plywood since it is below the core. In the background you can see my trusted "steamer". This time I used sand filled buckets instead of water filled, more weight!

View from the stern

View from the stem

Time today: 2h

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