Sunday, January 22, 2012

恭喜发财, Gong xi fa cai!

The year of the Dragon starts tomorrow, and it is supposed to bring luck! Not much celebration here (I had noodles for dinner though), makes you kind of miss China (lived there for five years).

Stared the day by removing clamps and screws from the sheer stringer. I had sprayed the screws with WD-40 so that they would not attach to the epoxy, two of them was still a bit tricky to get out. One broke and will forever be imbedded in the transom, the other one came out after applying some heat to it too loosen the epoxy.

Applying heat with a soldering iron

This part of the screw will not stay in the boat

All clamps and screws removed

Then it was time to fit the King plank, this is a piece of wood that is positioned just below the deck and goes from the stem to frame #2. I also fitted the Queen plank, similar but aft, but I will not glue it in until later (I will need to access the space below it so better to leave it with screws only for the time being).

Planing the King plank to align with the sheer stringer

Need to get this.....

..... to look something like this.

All done time for glue!

After the King plank I started working on the second stringer. This time bending was easier I only needed to "towel steam" the forward end.

The aft end could be bent into place without heat

While the forward end needed to be baked about 30 minutes

Bent in place and will dry until tomorrow

Finally I glued the second ply to the center board and glued up the wood for the mizzen sprit.

Time today: 4.5h

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