Sunday, January 29, 2012

All stringers installed

Another beautiful but cold day, so I drove up the coast to a place called Mechelinki. It was too cold for a long walk so I just had a short one.

Cold but nice

Back home again it was time to fit and glue the final stringers.

Cutting the forward end, small pieces at a time....

Quite happy with that one

Also did some other odd jobs like trimming the supports so that I can plane the bottom stringer properly

The starboard stringer was easy to get in place, the port one was a different matter (same as yesterday). I had to fight it badly and broke two clamps in the process.

Bang & Bang.... apparently this type is weaker than the yellow tipped kind

All glued in place

A view from above....

... and the whole thing!

Time today: 3.5h

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