Friday, January 6, 2012

Center board case

Started to glue up the center board case today. First I put it in place to make sure I have the locations for the case logs etc in the correct place. I also thought it might be a good idea to check if the center board will actually fit, so I inserted one of the ply sides and fit a bolt through the whole thing.

Looking good, one of the advantages with a high strong box...

When I tried to fold the center board up I however ran into some problems, it could not go above around 45 degrees, what the ....!

Snagged center board

What is wrong? Did I build the case wrong? .....?
After the usual head scratching I found that the problem was that the center board was touching the forward post of the case and it was not a problem with the case but actually with the centre board ply. According to the drawings the distance from the center board pin to the end of the board should be 62mm, while it is actually around 70mm. Phhhhuuu, no big problem since I have not built the center board yet, that is a radius I can easily adjust.

I could continue to glue up the case!

These are actually the doubler for the pin that I have extended throughout the length of the case to make the installation of the case log simpler. The gap in the middle is for #4.

Then I could continue prepping frames for installation while waiting for the glue to dry.

Dry fitting #5, the cross timbers at top and bottom will be removed after planking

Then finally I glued a piece of timber to the transom where I will screw the rudder, one more piece to be fitted tomorrow.

The clamps were not long enough to reach the bottom of the piece so I had to use weights instead. But since I was glueing the case sides at the same time I did not have enough weights, luckily the planes have some weight in them.

Time today: 4h

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  1. Nu börjar jag kunna se att det är en båt du bygger :-)

    Vilken tur du hade med centerbordet, eller skicklighet kanske, eftersom du testade i tid !

    Kram Helene