Monday, January 16, 2012

More frame installation

Continued with frame #2, #1 and the stem today.

The error I discovered on frame #2 yesterday was an easy fix, it was simply the cross piece, that supports the frame temporarily, that was mounted wrongly.

Then it was time to fix the stem that I discovered was too short some time ago. To fix this I needed to cut a ply piece to slot into frame #1, two filler pieces and two cheek pieces. As usual pictures speaks more than many words....

Firstly I had to sand the slot in #1 so that I could get a 9mm ply in there.

Measuring the angle of the stem. Do not mind the lines for the frame on the bottom plank, the first set is wrong the second is correct.

Transferring the angle to the ply piece

Cutting to the correct angle, this is the slot piece the others was made in a similar way.

Slot piece and filler pieces in place to make the same thickness as the stem.

And here are the cheek pieces to hold the whole thing together.

One thing I have learned from this build is that you can do any mistakes you want it can always be fixed with epoxy and some pieces of wood!!

Frames and stem in place!

Looks quite symmetric...!?

Tried to make a panoramic view of the boat, the perspective is a little off but it is the only way to see the whole thing.

The transom will have to wait until tomorrow.

Time today: 2h

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