Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter coming?

Came back home yesterday evening and this morning we have the first snow. Still quite warm so I am not sure if it will stay. This time last year we had 40 cm of snow and -15C.... I am quite happy we have a "light" winter so far otherwise glueing would be a real problem.

View from the living room

Today I focused on getting the center board case glued in. The first job was to modify it slightly so that the frames would fit as well.

Cutting back the case log for frame #5

Then it was time for glue.

From starboard

From port. The timber pieces in the case is just to make sure that the ply keeps straight. 

While waiting for the glue to dry I decided to make a new work table. I am a bit fed up with ply sheets on saw horses as it never gets stable enough. I built quite a simple table but it is very solid. The basis was some table legs from IKEA (Vika Lilleby). To these I screwed a piece of ply.

Then I screwed together the table top from a few planks.

I flipped it over and drilled through the table top and the ply sheets. Final step was to bolt the table top to the legs.

The finished table

Time today: 2h (plus another 1.5 to build the table)


  1. Så du hittade bockar på IKEA.
    Ser superfint ut!

    Passar som matbord sen :-)

    Kram Helene

  2. Jajamensan, hade väl inte tänkt mig svarta ben men det fanns inga andra.

  3. Jo så här i efterhand helt ok!