Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I am coming down with a cold so I did not really feel for boat building today. Anyhow I decided to do an hour or two in the garage............mistake........ (More later)

Started by cleaning up the scarfs from Sunday.



Planing the edge to a smooth curve

Then it was time to prepare and glue the second scarf joint on the planks. All the plank pieces was already marked so I knew which side to plane the scarf on (see where this is leading...?).

Marking the shape of the plank on the workbench using the template (to make sure I have the right angle at the joint)

Marked the scarf on the work bench. Notice how the plank is marked with "NEJ" that means "NO" in Swedish and means I shall not plane on this side, the other side is marked "Scarf".

I am happy with this one

But naturally I failed, the first joint was fine but for the second one for some strange reason I planed the wrong side, i.e. the "NEJ" side.


Luckily the plank is slightly over length so I can probably save it by using a butt joint, it will be under the seat so no one will ever see it but it is annoying anyhow.

That is when I realized that I probably should stop for the day. I just glued up the good scarf first.

Note to self: When you are tired, sniveling and have a fever, don't try to build a boat.....

Time today: 1.5h


  1. I understand completely. I would add that being slightly drunk, or when the temperature is over 39 degrees Celsius in the shed is also a recipe for simple-but very annoying-errors.
    I made some on Gath Mor, but fortunately only when marking out; although I did cut out a frame the wrong way on the sheet so I can't use the rest as efficiently as I should.

  2. Thanks Richard, can see that and will add it to my mental list (rarely gets that hot here so maybe just the drink);)