Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today I spent my time filleting the insides of the seats, really boring work.

To spread the glue/filleting gob I used the plastic bag method, you put the glue in a plastic bag and tie up the top, then you cut one corner of the bag and squeeze the glue out.

Not a lot of action pictures today, I am a little careful about handling my new phone when my hands are covered with glue.

The bag

After squeezing the glue out of the bag

After shaping the fillets with the filleting stick, starboard...

... and port.

I experimented a little with different filling compounds, colloidial scilica, low density fairing compound and saw dust. My best mix was 50/50 saw dust and West low density fairing compound. Too much sawdust and the mix became too dry (like overcooked oatmeal) and too little sawdust and it became too  runny.

Time today: 4h

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