Sunday, March 18, 2012

The other side

My cold is back again, do not know how to get rid of it.....

Pulled the screws of the plank I glued yesterday, the scarfs came out fine.

One of the scarfs

The other one from the inside

The first one after a little sanding

Then I planked up the starboard side. This is when a strong back on wheels is very handy, I just moved it to the other side of the garage and had plenty of space to hang the plank.

The other side

Finally I started working on the port side again, planing the landing and hanging the spiling plank. I looked into my log today and it takes me around 12 hours to hang a pair of planks, from starting to plane the landing to the last piece is glued. The earlier planks was naturally slower and it will be interesting to see how fast I can do the last plank.

Plank landing planed

Part of the spiling plank in place, the rest will have to wait until I have cut the rabbet at the stem.

I cut myself quite badly today on my hand saw when trimming the plank at the transom. I was trying to hold the saw flush with the transom and my thumb got jammed between the saw and the plank. A lot of blood but nothing a band-aid could not cure.

Time today: 3.5h (Total time: 200h, if my estimate is correct I should be half way!?)

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