Thursday, March 15, 2012


Unfortunately still too much solvents in the air to work in the garage today. So I decided to do some tool maintenance aka honing. But first I built a small angle setting jig for the honing guide.

It is simply a piece of ply with a straight edge, on top of this you glue blocks of wood at the correct distance to get the right angle with the honing guide.

Two blocks for plane blades and two blocks for chisels, one at 25 and one at 30degrees

To mount the blade in the guide you push the blade towards the correct block and the guide towards the edge of the plate and then tighten up the guide.

This way I will get the same angle every time I hone my blades and chisels, I should have built this one months ago......

Time today: 2h


  1. A great idea Anders. I bought a honing guide last weekend so I'll use your method to get the correct angles.
    You are really flying ahead with that boat!
    I wish I was. Things seem to be a bit stalled on Gath Mor at the moment.
    We have school holidays in three weeks time so I hope to have all the frames etc cut by then.

  2. I stole the idea as well, from here (this one is much nicer):

    I wish I was flying ahead even faster, summer is approaching fast and I really want to sail as much as possible. Actually I am quite happy with the pace so far, a big part in that is that my family lives 500km away so most days I just work and build the boat.
    Looking forward to see the progress of Gath Mor!